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Tips to planning your laundry

30th Nov 2020 in Tips

The Laundry – the space where no one really wants to spend their time, however is very essential and needs to be practical! We know that laundry room that streamlines the washing, drying and folding process, with optimal storage, will save you time. So we have put together our tips to help plan your laundry renovation to be practical, aesthetically pleasing, and the perfect laundry for you!


To begin your laundry renovation, deciding where your laundry is located (or could be re-located) is the first step to begin your laundry renovation. The better the access outside, the easier it will make hanging out washing (which is better than putting clothes in the dryer and best for the environment). If you don’t have room for a washing line outside you may also consider inside drying racks. A laundry with outdoor access also has the advantage of opening the door to allow the natural breeze to dry clothes faster inside, and is good for ventilation.

If you don’t have access to an exterior door, you must have adequate ventilation. The washing and drying of clothes create excess humidity. If the moisture in the air is not ventilated out, it will cause you mould issues and possibly even damage your cabinetry and walls. A large window that can be opened or a fan are great ventilation alternatives in the laundry.

How will you use your laundry space? Which way does your washing machine door open? Do you stack your washer and dryer? Where are your washing baskets located in relation to your washing machine? Getting the dimensions right and the placement of machines, ensuring you have enough bench space, location of your sink, possibility to iron your clothes, space to dry clothes, and also storage are vital components of functionality. Thinking about your laundry process and how you like to do things will help you to design your laundry to suit you best.

The laundry can be the hardest working room of the house. Its where we not only wash the mess and dirt from our clothes and the likes, but also house the cleaning products and appliances out of sight. Custom built cabinetry can ensure that you are making the most out of the space that you have for storage. You can have space made specific for vacuum cleaners and mops, fold out ironing boards and clothes airer’s, inbuilt laundry baskets and drawers for cleaning products.


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The laundry can be one of the biggest danger zones in your home. There is heat, electricity, water and chemicals all in the one area, therefore a laundry needs to be planned to cover off all safety risks. Your laundry should have the proper wiring to be able to handle multiple electrical appliances. There must be enough wall bracing if you have any heavy cabinets or a wall hung dryer. Consideration must be given to keeping the hot iron and chemicals out of small people hands.

It’s a fact, not many of us get excited to do the laundry, however a laundry that has been beautifully designed can make things a little more bearable! There are now many design options that are perfect for your laundry such as designer tapware and hardware, custom cabinetry, open shelving to display plants and even artwork to add colour. And finally, a splashback can completely take your laundry from drab to simply stunning! If a laundry renovation is something you’ve been thinking about, either because it’s old and run down, or because the room isn’t well utilised, contact us now to book in a consultation!