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Functional Freestanding Baths – The ‘Isabella’

1st Feb 2021 in Tips

Freestanding Baths – Don’t they look luxurious!  Gone are the days of ugly baths with the old shallow standard shape and dirty old tiles on the face of them. We install stunning freestanding baths all the time, however there’s an underlying secret to choosing the right bath for your bathroom.

You see it’s not all about the looks, you need to think of functionality and most of all ‘cleaning’ !!

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Featured in this blog post are gorgeous bathrooms we recently renovated using a relatively new bath from Fienza called the ‘Isabella’. The Isabella is so functional because it pushes hard into a corner, yes either way as shown in the pictures, and it looks amazing when completely sealed around the entire perimeter using a nice colour silicon from Ardex Australia.

To explain further, freestanding baths are gorgeous, however, a ‘freestanding bath’ that is not attached to the wall at all can be extremely hard to clean behind. We never recommend installing freestanding baths into a bathroom unless the room is at least 3m x 2m in dimension, and even then it depends on where the door is located in the room.

Bathtub & Shower Renovations Services by Bayview Renovations

Freestanding baths or the famous ‘Claw baths’ of old, take up a lot of space in the room, and in some cases are almost impossible to get behind if you drop anything or need to clean.

Hence the reason we LOVE the new Isabella bath from Fienza. It looks gorgeous, it is so easy to clean, and it’s a very smart use of your valuable floor space leaving lots of room for you to maximize functionality when you’re not having a bath – let’s face it you probably only have a bath for 15 – 20 minutes at a time, yet you use the rest of the room all the time!

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There are several versions of back to wall freestanding baths available now. These baths were quite expensive when they first hit the market, but the price for these new fashion baths has come right down over the last 6 to 12 months.

Beware of the cheaper freestanding baths of this type, they just don’t cut the mustard, they are not made the same, and they do not look anywhere near as good. Baths like the ‘Isabella’ if installed right become a feature in the room and can take your bathroom to that next level – especially when built with a ‘niche’ in the wall as pictured in these projects!

If you love the look of a freestanding bath but are pressed for space and you don’t like cleaning, then you may want to consider an Isabella bath from Fienza… they are awesome! 

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