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The Resurgence of the Mudroom

8th Oct 2021 in Uncategorized

A Mudroom, once synonymous with a farm or a back entrance to a home, is having a modern day resurgence. A Mudroom today combines functionality and style to create a space where people can sit, put shoes on, grab a jacket, pick up a bag and head out. It is the ultimate drop zone that helps to keep the rest of the house clutter free and tidy, whilst having aesthetic synergy with the rest of the home.

What exactly is a Mudroom?

A Mudroom is traditionally an American term for a home’s casual secondary entrance or a dedicated space to remove and store away muddy boots and wet clothing before entering the main part of the house, to keep the main areas of the home clean and tidy.  A Mudroom was and still is very common in farmhouses and large estates. 

A modern Mudroom is practical, reduces mess and dirt, and offers an area to organise your things in a location that flows with your routine. A stylish modern Mudroom can be located in the laundry, off the garage, at the front door or in the hallway – however your family enters the home.

What should a good Mudroom include?


The design of the Mudroom should flow with your home and how you enter and exit the house. A good lighting plan is also essential.


Storage is key for your Mudroom. Assessing your family’s day-to-day activities can identify the best storage solution to place school bags, coats, umbrellas, shoes, jackets, sporting equipment, pet accessories etc. This can include cupboards, shelving and of course a seat! 

Durable Materials 

A Mudroom is going to be used everyday and can be a little rough and tumble, so it does need to be constructed well using durable materials. Chipboard is not going to suffice! The flooring should also be taken into consideration – a hard flooring that is easy to clean will be your best option.

Beautiful Style

A modern Mudroom doesn’t have to be tucked away out of sight. Your Mudroom can be a beautiful space by adding design elements such as elegant handles and hooks, profiles on the doors, and using colours and textures that are cohesive with the rest of the home. A Mudroom also isn’t limited to that traditional country feel. Our designer believes that using modern finishes, integrated storage and sleek lines can create a contemporary take, and texture such as VJ panelling can give you that coastal feel.


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