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Some bathroom renovation advice

30th Nov 2020 in Tips

Bathroom Renovations should NOT be done by someone who is not licensed, or who has no idea about what is truly involved. If there is one room in your home that you should pay money to have an expert build for you, it is the Bathroom. If your bathroom is not constructed correctly it can be devastating for the frame and surrounding rooms in your house, which can potentially lead to large costs to fix in years to come. One of these effects are showers/baths and or even vanities leaking water through to the floor or wall substrates and creating timber damage to your house frame… Not good !

Bathtub Renovations by Bayview Renovations


A beautiful new bathroom does not need to cost $50,000+ to be amazing. A Bayview bathroom renovation could cost you as little as just $30,000 and that includes the full package of new taps, tiles, toilet, vanity, etc. Most bathroom renovations we do are around $35,000 plus the cost of accessories – as seen here in the pictures of this blog post. It is determined by the size of the bathroom, the extent of tiling required, and of course if there are any alterations to plumbing, electrical or structural framing. Talk to us about your budget, you might be very surprised and excited about our options.

Bathtub with Tap Renovations - Bayview Renovations

How long does it take?

Firstly we will visit your home and provide a no obligation free quote. If you feel comfortable with us going forwards after meeting us in person, then we will write a comprehensive, detailed quote, that is usually provided to you within 48 hours. The time taken to complete an average bathroom renovation ranges from 2 to 3 weeks. If there are alterations to plumbing and or walls it may take a little bit longer.

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Referrals / testimonials

If you would like to talk to some people who have used Bayview Renovations in the past, we’d be proud to give you the names of clients who will say things about us that we’re too modest to say ourselves. Or alternatively have a look at our Instagram page, or of course check out our Google Reviews.

Bathtub with Tap Renovations Services by Bayview Renovations

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