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Mount Eliza – Wimborne Avenue – Laundry

The laundry with a beautiful, cool, coastal feel

Wimborne Ave, Mt Eliza Project.


What was the brief:

  • Create a smaller laundry from the existing huge laundry floor plan – half was utilised to create a large ensuite
  • Ensure that the laundry is still functional, bright and light


Duration: 3 weeks 

Budget: Approx $13K

Room: Laundry

Colour palette: raw, natural tiles with calming coastal hues


What was the design starting point?

  • Half of the existing laundry floor area was lost to create a large ensuite. So we had to design a smaller, compact laundry that was still functional for a 4 bedroom home


What was it like before?

  • The laundry was huge, it was proportionally massive compared to the rest of the house and had a lot of valuable unused floor space
  • It was in really good condition, but it had to be reduced in size


What exactly did you do in the laundry?

  • Completely ripped out the laundry
  • Fixed the substrate flooring issues.
  • Moved the laundry / ensuite wall around 1.5m back into the laundry room
  • Altered all water and drainage pipes to suit the new configuration
  • The sink and washing machine points were all hidden under the benchtop
  • Altered all electrical to suit, and upgraded all lighting
  • Installed new custom cabinetry, tiles and tapware.
  • Installed a new external glass door to let more natural light in


What challenges did you work around?

  • We repaired and levelled the ceiling battens as the ceiling height in the ensuite and laundry were different by around 30mm
  • Installed new ceilings
  • Fixed the floor which was 14mm out of level and nowhere near flat


What highlights make it so special?

  • The ‘craquel’ tiles and 40mm vivid white caesarstone benchtop paired with the brushed nickel gooseneck tap and undermount basin is a beautiful combination
  • The grey terrazzo tile floor is stunning as always, and keeps with the sophisticated coastal theme of the house


Although the laundry is now a smaller footprint, it has ample storage, it is functional, and most importantly it looks amazing


Again, thank you to our clients, we are so grateful for this opportunity


This was a part of a larger $150k project


Mount Eliza – Laundry

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